The Testing Facilities available are adequate for complete routine testing of transformers as per IS- 2026-77.

So far as the Testing of Transformer is concerned , a Transformer requires a no of tests to be carried on it when it is ready . This Tests are only possible with fullfledge testing facilities with Top Standard Testing Equipments and Highly Experienced Techno-Personals . All the Testing Equipments should be able to achieve any range of Voltage Class and capacities as the Transformers can be of any range depending on the requirement of the open market. So the Testing Section should be able to achieve any range of Electrical Parameters. We possess all this High Standard Callibrated Instruments and resulting these we are able to cross the Limit of any range of work which we have highlighted in our forwardings. Our Testing Facilities is such that upto now we have tested Transformers upto 50 MVA in which other than Routine Tests, Hitron Tests and many more Special Tests have been carried out as desired by the customers.

We are constantly upgrading our Testing Parameters to achieve the requirements to Test any high range of Transformer.