Furnace Transformers

Our unique range of furnace transformers is manufactured using the latest technological innovations. It has a coil constructed from heavy copper tubing. The arc furnace transformers have won accolades of appreciation for their high efficiency, durability, corrosion resistance and many other features. At the same time, these transformers match international standards and are manufactured in compliance to pollution control norms set by the government. Today, we are renowned to be one of the leading oil furnace transformers suppliers and the major manufacturer of the same

Commonly used Rectifier Circuits for induction Furnace applications are :

  • Three Phase Bridge Circuit with single secondary,
  • Double Star with Inter-phase Transformer (IPT) with two star connected secondaries,

Physical proximity between Primary and Secondary side windings give rise to a Capacitive coupling between them. Any Surges on the Primary side winding due to switching get transferred to the Secondary side winding. Rectifier elements of the equipment are sensitive to over voltages and are likely to fall due to them. Hence It Is necessary to prevent transfer of voyage from Primary side to Secondary side due to nils capacitive coupling. This Is done by providing an earthed electrostatic shield between Primary and Secondary side windings.


Special Feature of Induction Furnace Transformers,

Electrostatic Earth Shield provided between Primary and Secondary side windings for prow protection of rectifier elements against voltage surges in Primary side windings.

Use reduced current densities to limit losses due to harmonic currents.

Use reduced flux density to limit core losses due to harmonic flux.

Designed to suit 6 Pulse /12 Pulse or other rectifier circuits as required by Furnace Manufactured Two active parts In one tank can also be provided.

Conforming to I.S. 2026 and I.S. 4540 – Specifications for Power Transformers and Specification tor Rectifiers.

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