Initializing from a small unit, now we have gained a remarkable Experience and have achieved a so distinct level that at present we can cross any desirable limit in the field of manufacturing Power Transformers of any range and class fulfilling all the Relevant Standards and Safety Precautions.

Our Experience has lead us to work with Big Units for Transformers of MEGA capacities. We highlight here some of our Experience in the related field.

We have worked with :
M/s NCPL , Narmadanagar – Bharuch on 11.5 MVA Transformer of 11 / 11.5 KV with OLTC in the year 2005-06 , with successfull testing in presence of their representative.

M/s Schott Glass Ltd. Ankhi – Jambusar on 1.25 MVA Transformer with OLTC in the year 2006, they have appreciated our work finally when we submitted the Test Report of the same.

We are permanently engaged with M/s Suzlon Infrastructure Services Ltd.Pune. Karnataka, Tamilnadu and since 2006 in the class of 11KV, 22KV and 33KV.

We have regurarly provided our quality Services in the Industries belonging to Private and Public Sectors and this influenced us to stand in the row of Big Transformer Manufacturing Industries in parallel position with them without any obstacles and resulting this in the year 2007 Reliance Industries Ltd. Textile Division – Ahmedabad had approved us to work with them for 1600 Ampere Series Reactor 11 KV / 11 KV.

Proceeding further and leading many such Industries we have reached to M/s Videocon Industries Ltd. Chavaj – Bharuch and stepped to 66 KV class on 10 / 12.5 MVA Transformer consisting OLTC in the ending year of 2007.

Allong with this we have constructed our company with modified features and in parallel leading with Big names we have also established our Unit in such a position that from the Year 2005-06, we were proud to see us in the list of Quality Manufacturers of Power Transformers. At present we have Established our firm with High Parameters pertaining to manufacture any High Range of our Products fullfulling the IS Standards.

Our work was reciprocated strongly by many Big Industries when we have stepped in the successful year 2008. We have worked and where working with Government Sectors viz. UGVCL, GETCO, GSECL,GMDC, which were our Prime Efforts since last Two Decades. Then Our Efforts where followed by Some Huge Units which resulted us to work with them since last decade they are here: Nirma , Vadilal , Torrent Power AEC formerly Ahmedabad Electric Company, Essar Power, etc.

Uptil now we have done a wide range of works in this field like Manufacturing Transformers, Overhauling and Rectifying Faults in Transforners upto 50 MVA with fullfledge Testing facilities for any range , Conversion of Voltage Ratios, Replacement of Core and Winding of Transformer with all basic Insulations, Specially Designed Transformer (LST) etc.

At this stage no companies were far from us and the work was leading us in the same speed gaining a good experience with the Transformers and we were so busy with this name TRANSFORMER. At this stage again we were caught by other big Units like GSEG, Surat – Hazira, LANCO Industries – ANDRA PRADESH, MRPL – MANGALORE and J.K.Paper Ltd. where we have worked with them on 4 MVA Transformer of Voltage Ratio 11500 / 2100 / 433 volts Make- FINLAND, 3.15 MVA Transformer of 11000 / 3300 volts, 20 MVA Transformer of 33000 / 6900 volts and 6 MVA Transformer of Voltage Ratio 6600 / 5650 volts respectively.

We have stepped in the Transformers so deep that any work with the Transformer seems to be a game for us. Such a experience we have gained now and resulting this we have gone for VOLTAGE Conversion too with many of Transformers of our clients. We have converted Voltage Class of Transformers from 33 KV to 11 KV and vise versa.